Pitzer John Muir Trail Hiking Group

As part of Pitzer College’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration, President Laura Skandera Trombley and eight students, faculty, alumni and family members will hike the John Muir Trail this summer.

Team Pitzer

  • Lisa Geller  ’76
  • Carter Grant ’15
  • Sasha Heinen ’15
  • Lisa Hirata ’16
  • Brian Keeley
  • Eric Radack P’14
  • Alyssa Solis ’13
  • Laura Skandera Trombley
  • Sparkey Trombley

Hike Length and Duration

The U.S. National Park Service has granted two sets of permits to enter the John Muir Trail. Pitzer’s total group size is limited to 10 hikers.

  • Group 1: for 2-8 hikers, from July 20-August 16, starting at Mono Meadow
  • Group 2: for 2-6 hikers, from July 25-August 16, starting at Red’s Meadow

The first group will meet the second group at Red’s Meadow and will continue from there as a single group of 10 that will hike to the Mt. Whitney summit and portal.

  • Mono Meadow to Mt. Whitney summit: 230 miles
  • Red’s Meadow to Mt. Whitney summit: 160 miles

For more information

The Complete Guide to the John Muir Trail – http://johnmuirtrail.org/

Pacific Crest Trail Association – http://www.pcta.org/discover-the-trail/john-muir-trail/

Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Muir_Trail

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